Welcome to the beautiful island of Likoma

You will find us just off the coast of Mozambique and in the north-east part of Lake Malawi. Our stunning location is a little off the regular tourist trail – but visitors to our island leave us knowing that the effort to get here makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes a few pictures do not do justice to the unforgettable backdrop of the surroundings.  We are blessed with crystal clear waters inhabited by the Cychlid fish, Baobab trees that are thousands of years old, African Fish Eagles are visible at numerous locations around the island.

Come and discover our little corner of paradise. Many of our visitors come with a strong sense of responsibility to the footprint they leave behind and want to enjoy our island in an ethical and fair manner.  LITA was established to give you a few ideas of things that you can do whilst here, that will ensure you enjoy the best of Likoma, whilst ensuring that anything you consume and purchase on the island is invested back into the local community.

LITA is the Likoma Island Tourism Association.  We are supported by membership fees from our fifteen or so members and by charitable donations.  Many Friends over the years have played a part in helping us to get to the stage of having a website, offices and electronic means of contacting us.

We are grateful to all who have made this project possible. As you can see in our pictures, the Children of Likoma represent our future; we would like them to have a good education and to be able to support themselves in the communities where they grew up.

Enjoying a boat ride with a LITA member, having a meal in a LITA member restaurant or staying in the property of a LITA member are all ways of directly helping our community. Our office is near to the little airport, we have electricity, an internet connection and staff who would love to help you.

Get In Touch

You can contact us in many ways and we will try to answer your questions as best possible.  Please remember that whilst we enjoy providing a window onto our very special island, electricity and mobile phone services are often unpredictable, please be patient whilst we get back to you.


LITA – P.O. BOX 50, Along Likoma International Airport, Chimota Village, Dzuwa Complex, Likoma Island, Lake Malawi, MALAWI, Africa.

Cellphone: +265 999 919 968 / +265 882 340 889
WhatsApp:  +265 881 597 252


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Our Members

Pangani Zanu – Guest House, Jaro Por –  Call  +265 882466388
Khaiko Lodge – Chiponde Beach –  Call +265 888746262
Akuzike Guest House, Chipsera Area –  Call +265 999077020
Alemekeze Guest House, Jaro port – Call  +265 884470208
Lucky Chirwa, Lake View Guest House, Mbamba Beach – Call +265 888583063
Fundwe Museum and Leisure centre, Mbuzi Hill Top –  Call +265888736669
Yesu Salephera Fast food and Grocery, Chipsera Area – Call +265884492623
V Lamani Boat transfer btw Likoma and Mainland ,Jaro Port
V Malungo Boat transfer btw Likoma and Mainland ,Jaro Port
Over Seas Restaurant and Bakery,  Jaro Port
Ulisa Bay Lodge, Ulisa Village – Call +265 888843973
Musavutike Boat – Transfers around Likoma and Chizumulu Islands, Ulisa Beach. – Call +265881461924
Yesani Boat – Transfers around Likoma and Chizumulu Islands, Mbamba Area – Call +265 888722913
Likoma Jiko Tour Guides Service, Chimota Village – Call +265 882340889
DEE CEE KAY Computer Connections, Mbamba Area – Call +265888736090